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With thousands of T5 and T56 kits already sold, G-Force has come up with another exceptionally durable gear kit. This new gear kit is for the TR3650 5-speed transmission that comes standard in the 2001 to 2010 V8 Mustangs, although this transmission will fit almost any application with the correct bell housing.

The G-Force 3650 Transmission

This 1000 horsepower capable gear kit is the first aftermarket gear kit offered for this transmission and we’ve taken the unprecedented step of offering this kit with precision ground gears to help eliminate some of the NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) associated with aftermarket gear designs. The gear design is from our proven T56 combination so there is already a vast database of testing experience with this particular design. Gear ratios for this kit are 2.90 1st gear, 1.91 2nd gear, and 1.37 3rd gear. 4th gear is still direct drive (1.000) of course and a .58 overdrive gear accommodates the typically steeper rear gear that most cars run for street/strip applications. There is also a .69 overdrive option available.
Great for launches and even better that stock fuel mileage in most applications. Also, this kit utilizes the factory 1st gear on the mainshaft for greater cost savings as compared to manufacturing a new gear. We’ve found that the large stock mainshaft 1st gear is more than adequate for virtually any application.
This kit also utilizes the factory mainshaft as they already have a large 31 spline output that will hold up to even the most severe punishment. This helps keep costs down and allows us to offer the kit at a more attractive price than would be possible otherwise, while increasing the level of overall quality for less cost.

More information about this kit is available upon request. This transmission can also be retrofitted into virtually any other vehicle with the addition of the special adapter that we make for “early-style” Ford, GM, and Chrysler installations, as well as virtually any import application.
For more information, please give G-Force a call at 717-202-8367, M-F 7:30 to 4:00 EST.
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Tr3650 Transmission Ford

If i had another transmission out i would. There are really only a few parts you gotta keep an eye out for. How to clear the ram in windows 10 windows 10. When you get the 2 shafts out as long as you stack everything up like it came out you wont have a problem. There are 3 pill looking things and a bb that you really gotta watch for. Those are what gave me trouble. In pulling it apart they all fell out and i had to find out where. Tremec Tr3650 Transmission Bronze Shift Fork Pad Kit 3650-28k. Shifter Gasket Kit For 82-04 Mustang Tr-3650 T-5 T-45 - Combo Pack.