Top Rated Small Suvs

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But, even within relatively small price point ranges, there are some options that are just plain better than others. Yes, that rings true even for those on an extreme budget. If you don’t believe us, just take a gander through our list below of the 12 best SUVs under $50,000.

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  1. The compact SUV segment in the United States is rapidly gaining popularity. Local manufacturers are gradually drawn into it, but the market is more filled with products from Japan, South Korea and Germany. Here you can find the best 2021 Compact SUVs models.
  2. It is a competitive segment, with most every one of the best small crossover SUVs offering a blend of four-cylinder engine lineups, front- or all-wheel drive, and a wide array of trim levels that.

Top Rated Small Suvs And Crossovers

Top Rated Small SuvsBy Alexander Stoklosa of Motor Trend

Top Rated Small Suvs And Crossovers


What Are The Best Small Suvs On The Market

Jeep's Cherokee earns its lowly position with the one-two punch of being pricier than other compact SUVs and tighter inside than most. (Jeep's one-size-smaller Compass, in fact, has nearly as much interior room as the Cherokee.) Still, the somewhat odd-looking SUV has some redeemable qualities, from its segment-exclusive V-6 engine option to its actual off-road capability (at least in its Trailhawk trim level). Avoid the 2.4-liter base engine if you can—it's quite weak; the optional turbo 2.0-liter or the aforementioned V-6 are much better partners for the Cherokee's bulk. [Read more on the Jeep Cherokee]

Top Rated Small Suvs 2020

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