Tiamat Sigil

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Tiamat sigil symbol

SIGIL OF ANTINOMIAN GNOSIS (Primary sigil for the OEV) By: S.Alexander Rasmussen

The sigil of antinomian gnosis is a symbol that follows the way of bind runes in the way that it is composed of multiple existing sigils, in this writing i will explain the symbolism that I have uncovered within thus far. Beginning with the esoteric mark of Qayin at the bottom of the sigil, we can view this as the descent of the Lvciferian, where the practitioner experiences his inner most chaos, The inside of Qayin’s hook is a representation of “the womb of Tiamat”, mother of abominations and chaos incarnate. This portion of the sigil is extremely important to the journey of an aspiring adversary because it is a representation of what I refer to as ‘the Leviathan consciousness’, or the human unconscious.

This aspect is so significant to the Lvciferian because one cannot truly know thyself without embarking upon this descent, within and without. You must understand yourself to a high degree to become a Lvcifer, in a true sense you must be willing to burn away all of the false aspects of the Self and embrace both your inner darkness and light, this stage is death, the conquering darkness inherent within the psyche of the individual. This stage is focused on exploring that darkness and embracing it as a manifestation of Qayin, the first Satanist and murderer. This is a process of reevaluating yourself and shattering the illusions put forth by life itself. Cadillac crossover suv. This path is brought to fruition by perpetual descent and ascent, continually gathering gnosis as you go forth on the path of the Crooked Serpent.

Tiamat Sigil Symbol

Travelling upward from Tiamat’s womb and Qayin’s hook, we see the Wolf’s Hook, a symbol of ultimate balance, the human consciousness, transformation and transcendence. The Wolf’s Hook is also representative of liberation, we see this from the sixteenth century usage of this symbol in history. This is the next logical step in the infernal journey you as Lvcifer are undertaking, We observe transcendence, self understanding and balance once we have conquered and learned to embrace the darkness present inside the womb of mother Tiamat. To overcome this darkness is a mark of the strong and sentient Lvcifer.

Tiamat Sigil

Based on the Triglavian Vedmak-class cruiser, the Tiamat is an experimental vessel from the Society of Conscious Thought that melds. Bestower ▪ Sigil. Though factions had existed in Sigil for centuries before this, this is most commonly considered the beginning of the kriegstanz. Hashkar -503 - Great Upheaval: Sigil's over four dozen factions are restricted by order of the Lady of Pain to 15. The loose organization of the Sinkers evolves into the Doomguard.

Ascending up the central line within this sigil, we come to a horizontal line directly underneath the symbol of the trident, this is both representative of awakening from the mundane mindset and a symbol of the crossroads, the point of illumination of the spirit. Directly above the point of self actualized divinity, we observe the trident. This is a symbol of power, represented by Typhon, Greek equivalent of the Egyptian Set and thus Satan. It is an expression of Lvciferian might and mastery of the Self. We can look at the three prongs on Typhon’s trident as the Infernal Triad of Samael, Lilith and Leviathan. The two outermost prongs are Samael and Lilith, when these two archetypes come together in union through the ‘Leviathan consciousness’, Leviathan resides in the central prong on the trident. As you may have noticed, when I was describing the womb of Tiamat at the beginning, I made a remark about the ‘Leviathan consciousness’. This is the thoughtless energy that ties descent and ascent together, hence why we see it at both the beginning and the end of the sigil.

Tiamat Sigil 2

Finally, we come to the dot, or more accurately, the Black Sun which rests directly above where Leviathan resides in this sigil. The separation of the Black Sun from the rest of the sigil is indicative of the sentient nature of the lvciferian and a representation of the path of ‘lone wolf’. The black sun is the ultimate symbol of Lvciferian gnosis and an expression of the successful initiation of the Left Hand Path. With all of this being stated, we can see that this sigil tells a story of the long, arduous journey of the true Lvciferian, this is a perpetual down-going and uprising. It is timeless, as is the eternal glory of Lvcifer. Meditate upon this as a personal description of your individual initiation, there is more symbolism than I have described here, we just have to discover it’s essence and uncover it’s secrets.

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S.A.Rasmussen, December 18, 2016, E.H.