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T18/T19 4 Speed Manual Transmission: Replaces 4.25' tail housing: 1980-1987 3/4 and 1 ton Ford pickups. 3D0435A: NP 435 4 Speed Manual Transmission: Replaces 4.75' tail housing: 1967-1979 3/4 and 1 ton Ford pickups. 3D0050: ZF 5 Speed Manual transmission with driveline park brake.

The T-18 is a heavy duty four speed with unsynchronized first gear. These transmissions were manufactured by Borg Warner and they have a cast iron case. The casting number on the drivers side of the T-18 is T-18 or 13-01. The T-18 has a 1 1/8' 10 spline input shaft and a 1 3/8' 6 spline output. The transmission was used by numerous automobile manufacturers including Ford, International Harvester, and Jeep.Although the T98 was Jeeps first granny low transmission, it was the Jeep T18 that reached the American masses.The T18 introduced the idyllic attributes that jeep would be synonymous with: strength, low gearing, and dependability.

Borg Warner T18 Transmission Identification

The Ford version of the T-18 was used approximately from 1967 until 1984. It is a heavy duty four speed manual transmission that is available in wide and close ratio. The transmission weighs close to 150 pounds.

The case and the top of the transmission are cast iron. The Ford version uses the standard Ford 'butterfly' bolt pattern and a 1 1/16' 10 spline input shaft. The input shaft is around 6 1/2' long. The input shaft is about 1/2' shorter than the Jeep T-18 input shaft. The closely related Ford T-98 typically uses a fatter input shaft. The drivers side of the case will be cast with T-18 or 13-01. If you click on the top thumbnail, you can see the 13-01 casting number in that picture.


There will normally be a PTO cover plate found on the passenger and/or drivers side. There are two shift patterns used, one where reverse is out and up and the other where reverse is out and back. The out and back is the later version.

There are generally two styles of output for the 2WD version of the Ford T-18, the long slip yoke style shown in the top picture and a short regular yoke style. The 4WD versions of the Ford T-18 tend to use long adapters and 31 spline outputs. Shazam for free the movie.

Transmission 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rev
T-18 6.32 3.09 1.69 1.00 7.44

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