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Dec 31, 2019 I have high quality models in Blender with smooth edges. Ifaxapp cancel. My aim is to 3D print these models but when exporting files in STL format it results in models with rough edges. Does anyone have any tips on getting these models to solidworks without loss of quality? Btw, I prefer to use Solidworks as I am most comfortable with it. By importing it in Blender, we can apply simulations, physical renderers and much more to the model. Solidworks is a powerful 3D cad drawing program, used by engineers and product designers and mainly works with surfaces and curves. Blender is one of the most popular and powerful open source 3D editors and mainly works with polygons.

Conversion of sldprt files to fbx file format

  • October 19, 2020
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SolidWorks apparently does not have native support for FBX format (Autodesk Kaydara 3D data exchange format), but you can find some plugins that will add this function to the program so users can export their parts (.sldprt) or assemblies (.sldasm) as .fbx files.

Latest versions of 3D Studio Max also possess the capability to work and export FBX format whilst they also support import of SolidWorks formats.

Both these options are fairly expensive and sadly we haven't found any cheap and easy solution how to convert sldprt to fbx.

Nevertheless, Blender supposedly can both import/export FBX format (with a Python script) and thus may be worth a shot, although the support was added without the use of the official FBX SDK and thus may not be perfect. For this to work, you would need to first convert the SolidWorks files to VRML format that is acceptable by Blender, which is endeavor of its own.

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3ds Max (3D Studio Max)

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SimLab FBX exporter for SolidWorks

A plugin for Solidworks that adds FBX support

I would like to use SolidWorks fileformats in Blender, but Blender does not allow it to be imported, but most of the content here is in SolidWorks. How can I make it work, I only use Blender, and I'd like to use SolidWorks formats that can be found on this website.

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I asked Andreas Gkertsos to add access to his project to allow people to add renders and files to it but until then, I have taken his file and saved it in a bunch of different file formats. I hope one of these will work in Blender for you, I am not familiar with this software so if you know of a file format that you would like I can try to include it. Hope this helps.

I use Solid Work 2012 to load .SLDPRT and save as.stl. Then import the .stl files to Blender.

Is there no other way than that? That is really tedious :(

.stl is the best conversion going from solidworks to blender.

You can download e-drawings from here

then load in your solidworks file then 'save as' stl and then import into blender.

You can sign up in 3D content central, upload your Solidworks ASM or PART then you can download it in your preferred format included STL.

I often use this way when i don't have acces to solidworks, you don't even have to install any program.

hi, i use blender on Ubuntu 17.04 but I don't think that makes much of a difference.
so if you don't know how to import files on blender, you click 'file', then hover over 'import'. when you hover over that, it'll show you the available formats you can import into your space.

.SLDPRT isn't an available option. so you have to find a way to convert it into a format that blender accepts. either that or look around for blender add-ons. so far I haven't found a program or add-on that will help you to do either option. but if you google it, you'll likely find some third party software that'll help you out.

good luck.

You can just use the workbench here on GrabCAD. Create a new project, upload the .SLDPRT flie. Click on the uploaded file to open it. On the top right, click on 'File Options' -> 'Download as..' and you can simply download the .SLDPRT file as an .STL file, for example.

Solidworks To Blender Download

Many people will upload other formats like STEP or IGES. Is they don't ask them or ask some one from the community to convert a specifics file for you.

reverse engineering software like geomagic may solve this issue.

Export Solidworks To Blender

how can i import solidworks file in blender, without losing decals (colors and appearance) ?? i tried importing .stl and .wrl in blender, but i lost decals.. can anyone help..???

Sldprt To Blender

You can also use FreeCad to convert files to .stl which can be imported to blender easly.