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USPS can track China Post Register Airmail, EMS, ePacket and Sea/Air combined parcel where are shipped from China to USA. But USPS can not track China Post Ordinary Small Packet and China Post Direct Xpress Mail Parcel even if the parcel destination is USA. Here is the table of different China Post parcel category tracking Read More. Many of the additional carriers you are probably familiar with - and some you may not recognize. Some of those names include DHL®, DPD, China Post, Australia Post, Aramex, Swiss Post, Royal Mail and much more. For the entire list of carriers check out our carriers page. You can also view some of the bigger names below.

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What is China Post?

China Post is China's primary postal service. This postal operator offers various shipping options that differ in price, delivery time and range.

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Can I track China Post packages?

You can track your China Post packages once you get a shipping id. There are several ways how to do that:

  • on China Post website (information there is solely in Chinese)
  • on the official site of your national postal service
  • right on this page - enter your tracking code into the search field above and hit 'Track a package.'

Please note that only registered mail is trackable throughout its journey fromChina to your door.

Official China Post tracking page: pros and cons

Let us take a look at the postal tracking page found on China Post website: https://dey.11185.cn/web/#/waybillno. Since all the information there is in Chinese, you may need to follow these steps:

  1. Find a search bar. Fill it in with your tracking number.
  2. A captcha will pop up once you click on the green button (the one under the search bar). Solve the captcha by moving the missing piece to its position.
  3. Click on your tracking code in the appearing gray box.
  4. Get information on your package.

What are its pluses and minuses, after all?


  • an official and reliable source


  • the link alters every once in a while; one can barely find it while browsing China Post page
  • English version is unavailable
  • it may take a few tries to solve the captcha

Why is Postal Ninja better than the official tracking page?


Postal Ninja is one of the best resources when it comes to end-to-end tracking.

Our postal tracker simultaneously processes data from all carriers involved in the delivery. It shows all stages of shipping — from the arrival of a package at a sorting center to its delivery.


  • simple interface
  • only tracking number required
  • status tracking in English
  • timely updates and information processing
  • you can save the tracking history; a registered user does not need to re-enter tracking codes.

What is China Post tracking number format?

Shipping optionTracking number
China Post EMSEx000000000CN
China Post e-EMSLx000000000CN
China Post ePacketLx000000000CN
China Post Air ParcelCx000000000CN
China Post Registered Air MailRx000000000CN
China Post Ordinary Small Packet PlusUx000000000CN

Cek Resi China Post Registered Air Mail Tracking English

What are the shipping options offered by China Post?

China Post offers various shipping options that can be classified in different ways, namely by modes of transport, trackability, or the weight of a single package.

by modes of delivery

is the fastest and most pricey shipping method. Packages get delivered via aircraft in around 7-15 days.
SAL (Surface Air Lifted)
is a combination of AIR and SURFACE types. The delivery time is 15-20 days.
is the cheapest and slowest method among the three. Postal items are transported either by land or sea and get delivered in 40-70 days.

by trackability

Registered mail
Registered = trackable. In the tracking number, the first letter indicates the type of mail — the number begins with R for small packets and C for packages.
Unregistered mail (China Post Unregistered)
This kind of mail is trackable only within China. U is the first letter in its shipping id.

by the weight of a package

If you place an order on AliExpress and marketplaces alike, you will surely see the shipping options below.

Ways of delivery for small packets under 2 kg

China Post Registered Air Mail (China Post Air Mail)
Parcels sent with CPRAM get to the destination country in 2-4 weeks. Plus, since it is a registered mode of delivery, you can track and trace your order.
China Post ePacket
ePacket is designed for the shipping of small, lightweight items. Among its features are trackability, timely delivery, and affordable price.
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
This is the most cost-effective yet slowest shipping option on the list. Packets are tracked during their transit through China but not outside of it. KazPost (the postal operator of Kazakhstan) is probably the only postal service that provides end-to-end tracking for this delivery method.

New kia crossover. Shipping options for packages with a weight of 2-30 kg

China Post Air Parcel
This air freight shipping service is well-suited for bulky items. The estimated delivery time is within 25 days, which makes it one of the fastest options offered by China Post.
China Post EMS
China Post EMS is half-courier, half-postal service specifically for delivery of packages with a weight of up to 31 kg. The cost for the first 0.5 kg is about 200 RMB (30 USD), and 60 RMB (8 USD) for each extra 0.5 kg. If you want to receive your package at an early date and you are not bothered by high delivery price, this is the right delivery mode for you.

I can't track my China Post package - what should I do?

If you cannot monitor the location of your package, it is most likely because:

  • the seller has assigned a tracking code to the order but has not handed it over to the post office
  • little time has passed since the time of shipment
  • a shipping id is invalid
  • tracking is only available within the origin country
  • the package went missing at one of the transit points.

Contact the seller to get an actual tracking number. Then trace the status of your order on https://postal.ninja/en/track again. If the tracking code turns out to be wrong anyway (and your package seems to be lost), file a dispute. You can ask for a refund even before the buyer protection ends.

How long does it take to ship from China?

Delivery time scatters by weeks, if not months. As a rule, it takes between 14 and 90 days. Everything depends on the shipping option of your choice and such external factors as national public holidays. There are 18 public holidays inChina alone, so be prepared for shipment delays (which is a problem, especially in the period between December and February).

Cek Resi China Post Registered Air Mailirmail

Singles' Day, a Chinese holiday celebrated on November 11, marks the beginning of the peak period. It takes AliExpress sellers 10-15 days just to ship packages after that date. Similarly, the workload of China Post increases in winter months due to the Christmas holidays and Chinese New Year.